Fuel Auto-Refill Program

Empty Tanks Are Over

Are you dropping a stick into your in-ground heating oil tank every month, hoping you’ve got fuel left for the rest of the winter?

Are you tired of trekking to your basement to find out if it’s time for another heating oil delivery?

Get your heating oil and propane delivered predictably and ahead of schedule with Nevco Fuel Service’s automated refill program. 

You’ll never have to worry about, or even think about, an empty tank again.

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The Nevco Difference

Quick Delivery

Good service requires more than just a great price. We deliver fuel when you need it, so you're never waiting around in the cold. We'll get there fast and keep you running efficiently so you can focus on what matters most.

Competitive Pricing

We continually streamline our processes and leverage our long-standing vendor relationships to give you the best possible prices on your fuel. Whether you are running a business or a household, we make sure your fuel service won't break the budget.

High-Quality Fuel

We only use the highest-quality, ethanol-free fuel, which doesn't separate and doesn't degrade.

Automated Heating Oil Deliveries in Lebanon and Lancaster

Our automated delivery program uses intelligent software to predict your delivery needs ahead of time for heating oil deliveries in Lancaster, Lebanon, and Berks Counties.

Algorithmic Software Plans Your Delivery Ahead of Time

Here’s how our intelligent “delivery planning” technology works. 

Once you’re signed up, our system analyzes your historic deliveries to determine how much fuel you’ve been using during colder months. 

It does this by comparing your fuel needs (gallons delivered, in the case of heating oil) to “degree days.” Degree days are one way energy analysts measure heating and cooling needs – basically a measurement combining temperature and time. 

This system then understands what your house requires on a 40-degree day in November, for example. 

With this data, we can plan for fuel deliveries well before you run out of fuel such that your house is warm, cozy, and comfortable all year long – no more heading to the basement to check your fuel gauge. 

Industry-Leading Software For Getting Automated Fuel Deliveries to You

This same software is used by thousands of fuel providers across the country. Our system is known for reliability, predictability, and consistency in getting deliveries at the right time to keep you fueled and comfortable in your home. 


Automated Fuel Tank Delivery and Remote Monitoring

We also do remote fuel tank monitoring for propane tanks, gasoline tanks, diesel tanks.

This hardware connects remotely with our back-office to let us know when your tank (often in commercial or agriculture settings) is at a preset “refill” level. 

With remote monitoring of fuel tanks, our team is on the road to keep you full before you ever know you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you schedule delivery?

To schedule a fuel delivery: 

  • Log into our customer portal to schedule deliveries online
  • Call our office at (717) 627-2303
  • Sign up for automated deliveries.

We typically deliver your fuel within 1-2 days of your notification, depending on time of year.

How long does 100 gallons of oil last in the winter?

That’s a tough question and is highly specific to your home! How well is your home insulated? Is oil your home’s primary source of heat? How high do you keep your thermostat during cold months? What is the age and efficiency of your HVAC system?

All of these are factors in how much heating oil your home might need on a monthly or seasonal basis. The good news is, we’re set up to help you get it easily, and with budget plans to spread the costs throughout the year.

How much is home heating oil right now?

Home heating oil varies significantly from week to week and year to year. Call today for current pricing.

How can I make my heating oil last longer?

Turn the temperature down and put on a sweater! Jokes aside, good insulation for your home and an efficient, clean boiler can improve how long your oil will last.

Does home heating oil go bad?

Oil doesn’t really go bad. The primary danger for oil that sits for long periods of time is that moisture gets into the tank. For quality tanks that sit over the summer months, this isn’t an issue. If your heating oil has been sitting for years, talk to a Nevco technician today about an inspection.

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